The Art of Restarting: A guide to career transformation

Are you a well-educated professional yet unhappy and stuck in your career?
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The art of restarting:
A guide to career transformation

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The online training based on the guide to career transformation


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Our approach

Our belief is that you do not need to be stuck or unhappy in your professional career.

The current job dissatisfaction is over 60% and there is ‘The Great Resignation’.

There are a host of reasons why this is happening.

Our platform aims to provide insights and answers

to regain your work happiness by pinpointing what you are best at.

Discover the potential of setting up your own business, and what to take into consideration before doing so.

The baseline is to find your freedom (mentally, spiritually, values)

Our work is based on 25 years of professional experience working for big corporates as

well as start-ups and individuals.

Our approach is from an honest, no-nonsense, practical, and hands-on perspective

with a hint of humor and positivity. No dry HR or self-proclaimed guru self-help stuff...